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Baby Pals Download

baby pals download

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baby pals download - bee bright

bee bright first steps - early learning DVD (18 months+)

bee bright first steps - early learning DVD (18 months+)

'bee bright' is the UK's leading brand of early learning DVDs and has received rave reviews, and a dedicated following of children, parents and childcare professionals in the UK and Europe. Our Award-winning DVD's have been carefully researched, designed, and approved by experts to delight and stimulate young minds by using bright colors, bold shapes, friendly faces, funny sounds and both modern and classical music. A cast of friendly animated characters introduce the key concepts of colors, shapes, numbers, the alphabet, music and sound, as well as the importance of playing, helping, sharing and having fun! 'bee bright' DVDs also feature BBC TV star JUSTIN FLETCHER. Justin is the most popular pre-school presenter in the UK, appearing on BBC produced programs such as 'Something Special', 'Gigglebiz', 'Tweenies', and many more. Justin recently received a BAFTA (the UK equivalent of an Academy Award) and was awarded an MBE by the Queen in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the entertainment and education of young children. Children just love to laugh and learn with Justin! Every 'bee bright first steps' DVD contains four separate episodes, each of which builds upon the last, encouraging your child to observe, listen, recognize and learn at their own pace. The four disks are designed to cater for the educational needs of children in four distinct age categories; DVD1: ages 6-18months; DVD2 1-3 years, DVD3 18months-4 years, DVD4 2-4 years. 'bee bright' DVDs are produced in the UK and are PAL format with Region 0 encoding. They will play in any

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Hijras of India

Hijras of India

Last Friday, I had decided to go and visit Heena Hijra at Peela House, Falkland Road Mumbai Hijda Cages, after a very long time, Heena has been very nice to me and before Mr Santosh Shetty had called me about the Chaliswa of Naik Ragini it was Heena who informed me of the late Naiks untimely demise and invited me to the do at Park Site.
Heenas guru is Lakshmi of Peela House and Lakshmi's guru is Ma Madhurima.
Ma Madhurimas guru was late Naik Ragini..
Baby s Guru is also Ma Madhurima..a very powerful cult figure wielding immense power and respect in the All Indiia Hijda community.

So I reached Peela House by cab to find that Heenas part of the Hijra Cages was being demolished and newly reconstructed.

Heena was very happy I gave her over 100 prints , I normally dont give prints, as I make prints and than they lie with me as people who wanted them are not traceable.. so I request them to download from my hijras of india site at wordpress.

Heena is special, with a distinctive alluring charm, she eagerly wanted to know what I wanted in return, she wanted to present me some ready made .stuff I declined , I wear my own clothes part of my sufi sartorial Armour

This is Heena , a hijra with a feminine dignity,she too has a lot of clout, does not mince words and is totally blunt in her opinion and thoughts..
She is straight forward..shots from the hips...

I had taken my Canon Powerhouse G9 , so I shot her pictures and of her bosom pal Salma..Salma is a Ansari.

Peela house was very tense , there was hardly any prostitute on the streets, the cages were desolate as the cops I was told had information of some minors bought here fort he flesh trade, so the entire place was swarming with lady cops and constables.

I did see one very pretty young thing nabbed by the cops sitting outside the Peela House Police Chowky.

The Hijra in the picture works at Heenas place but as the place is being repaired she was soliciting on the street , she is a charming Muslim Hijra and I had shot her on my last trip at Heenas house.

I walked my way out from Peela House shooting street pictures.

who knew 35 would look so young!!!

who knew 35 would look so young!!!

well hello there flickr pals!!!
thank you to Ashliegh and Vintage Mouse for the birthday wishes!!! very sweet girls!! yes i am now 35 years old and well i had to cheat and show a pic of when i was a baby! come on who doesnt love to see baby pics? well ok so many not every one haha
happy belated birthday to me :)
haha i said it to myself im a dork or as some say: a FLORK (thats a flickr person whose a dork FLORK get it??!!)
and thank you to the lovely comments for my return flickr love is the best :)
ok im off to visit your photostreams!
i've scanned/download some pics so there are new photos in my stream just ones i've taken myself!

baby pals download

baby pals download

PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) Review: Pearls of Wisdom, Third Edition

"The purpose is to help healthcare professionals study, learn, and retain critical information needed for the emergency care of children and improve performance on the PALS final exam. Numerous healthcare professionals are required to pass a PALS course each year. The book is easy and fast to read, while closely following current American Heart Association guidelines.....To review the content covered in a PALS course, this book uses a question and answer format to decrease the amount of reading and to emphasize the main learning points. Only the correct answers are provided. This format will help the reader avoid wasting time reading, reviewing, and possibly learning incorrect information.....this study guide is attractive for its time-saving, easy to read format that emphasizes major learning points."--Doody's Review Service
Updated to meet the 2005 American Heart Association Guidelines, this rapid-fire question-and-answer book is required reading for anyone preparing for PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) certification or recertification.

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