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Baby Gaining Weight

baby gaining weight

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baby gaining weight - Gaining: The

Gaining: The Truth About Life After Eating Disorders

Gaining: The Truth About Life After Eating Disorders

Aimee Liu, who wrote Solitaire, the first-ever memoir of anorexia, in 1979, returns to the subject nearly three decades later and shares her story and those of the many women in her age group of life beyond this life-altering ailment. She has extensively researched the origins and effects of both anorexia and bulimia, and dispels many commonly held myths about these diseases with the persuasive conclusion that anorexia is a result of personality.
Key revelations include: the temperament required for eating disorders,the long-term effects of eating disorders on health, brain function, relationships and career,why some individuals recover while others relapse, and why many relapse in mid-life,Which treatment approaches are most successful long-term and how parents can tell if a child will be vulnerable to eating disorders.
Using her own experience and the stories of many recovering anorexics she's interviewed, Liu weaves together a narrative that is both persuasive in argument and compelling in personal details.

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baby bump? where?! lol

baby bump? where?! lol

Nearly 18 weeks pregnant. My body is at this weird in-between stage, where I look fairly pregnant later in the day. But first thing in the morning (this pic) I look almost like my old self, with just some slight padding. My boobs look squashed because they are, I need a new bra!!

Even though I look good here, I really have gained a decent bit of weight already. I was actually worried that I might have been gaining too fast, but then I keep waking up to this body. I honestly expected pregnancy to be much much different than this... yea yea, I know the belly is coming, but I look forward to that part... I just meant, I thought I was going to balloon up all over, but I'm not. VERY happy about that.

I put the original photo in the comments, you can see that I have some stretch marks on my hip area, those are actually from puberty/growth spurt. Unfortunately this might mean I'll also get some pretty visible stretchmarks once my belly is full blown!

Baby Lobster Rolls

Baby Lobster Rolls

I always got hungry after listen to Kari's conversation. Now I know why I gained so much weights lately. Hmm... I should blame her for that... Wished I could have this for dinner tonight. =0P

Leica D-LUX 3 - 1/320s @ f 5.6 - ISO 100
Sunny Afternoon


baby gaining weight

baby gaining weight

Getting In: A Step-By-Step Plan for Gaining Admission to Graduate School in Psychology

Getting In, Second Edition is an update of the American Psychological Association's essential resource for anyone considering graduate study in psychology. This handy, readable book simplifies the process for applicants and increases their chances of being accepted. Useful timelines, tips, and tools break the tasks into manageable steps and help readers define their goals, select programs, and navigate the application process. A monthly timetable and detailed worksheets for selecting the best program matches are included, and a resource section provides a list of publications and organizations that are useful in the various phases of applying. Readers will learn what criteria admissions committees use to evaluate applicants, how to improve their qualifications, and how to showcase their talents in personal essays, letters of recommendations, and preselection interviews. The costs of a graduate education and financial aid information specific to graduate students are also discussed. Members of special populations, such as women, ethnic minorities, gay and lesbian applicants, and applicants with disabilities will find resources and guidance particular to their needs. While applying to graduate school can be challenging, this book demystifies the process and allays students' concerns about how to tackle it.

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